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Trung Pham DMD

Why are dental checkups so important?

The majority of the time tooth decay and gum disease will not cause any symptoms until it is too late. If we don’t detect and treat these issues early on during a routine checkup, they can seriously damage your oral health.

During your preventive exams and dental cleanings at our San Jose dental office, Dr. Pham thoroughly evaluates your oral health for signs of tooth decay. He also takes gum measurements to assess your periodontal health and updates your medical history. As part of your preventive care, Dr. Pham takes blood pressure readings annually and makes recommendations as necessary based on the readings.

The general rule of thumb is to visit us twice a year for preventive checkups. However, if you have a history of decay or gum disease or other ongoing issues, Dr. Pham may recommend more frequent check-ins.

Prevention is the key to a healthy smile and minimizing the cost of dental care. When we find problems in their earliest stages, we can choose the most conservative and affordable options to treat them. If it’s time for your routine checkup, please call San Jose dentist Dr. Trung Pham to arrange a dental appointment.

We look forward to being partners in your oral health care!

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