Tooth-Colored Fillings

We love helping our valued patients achieve their goals for a healthier, more confident smile. 

Our goal is to do everything we can to ensure that your teeth stay healthy and intact for as long as possible. However, wear and tear take its toll, and teeth break down or become damaged because of decay or infection.

Dr. Trung Pham dedicates himself to staying at the forefront of advances in dentistry. We are pleased to offer the practical and cosmetic benefits of tooth-colored composite fillings at our San Jose dental office. Tooth-colored fillings are just one example of how we use updated dental material to improve your appearance and your oral health. 

Tooth-Colored Composite Fillings

The tooth-colored filling material is a mixture of glass and resin particles, hence the term “composite.” This unique combination offers an appearance that resembles dental enamel and allows us to custom-color the restoration to match the shade of your teeth and blend seamlessly with your smile. When Dr. Pham finishes your filling, even you might not be able to find the repair!

Why We Choose Composite over Amalgam Fillings

When a dentist places a silver amalgam filling, they remove decay and tooth structure to create a space that’s large enough to hold the filling. The problem is that the amalgam doesn’t bond with the tooth, so it just sits in the open space. The silver filling is separate from your tooth, so it expands and contracts with heat and cold, and, over time, can lead to fractures and broken fillings – not to mention the noticeable dark spot in your smile! 

On the other hand, the process we use for placing a tooth-colored filling involves several steps that allow us to securely bond the material directly to the structure of your tooth using a special curing light. Since a composite filling bonds with the tooth, it won’t expand and contract and threaten the integrity of your tooth. 

When we customize the shade to match your natural enamel, the result is a strong, durable, repair that looks great and won’t mar your smile.

Dental Bonding with Composites

Since composite filling material blends so well with your smile, we use it for a non-invasive aesthetic procedure called dental bonding. Using composites in this way, we can repair teeth with minor cosmetic issues like chips, cracks, and uneven spaces between teeth.

Dr. Pham uses the composite material to expertly build up sections of a tooth to alter its shape, size, or appearance. The process is not complicated, and we can often treat several teeth during a single appointment, making bonding an excellent alternative to more extensive treatments like veneers.

Are You Happy with Your Smile?

It’s difficult to feel your best when you are self-conscious about the health or beauty of your smile. Whether you have cavities that we need to treat or cosmetic issues you want to correct, please call our San Jose dental office to arrange a consultation with Dr. Pham.

He will be happy to evaluate your situation and see if bonding or tooth-colored fillings are a good choice for you.