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3 Reasons Why Are Baby Teeth So Important

March 5, 2020
Posted By: Dr. Trung Pham Staff

A lot of parents wonder why baby teeth are so important for their child's dental health when they're going to fall out anyway? This is an excellent question and one that your children's dentist in San Jose is excited to address.

Here are three important reasons why you should protect the health of your son or daughter's baby teeth. 

#1: Baby Teeth Introduce Your Little One to Solid Foods

It's an exciting time when your child's baby teeth begin to arrive, and the transition to solid foods begin! Your little one will be enjoying all sorts of new flavors and textures from their foods and deciding what they like. All the while, their new teeth are assisting them through the process of navigating solid foods.

#2: Baby Teeth Help Your Child Learn to Talk

You look forward to the day when you can talk and laugh with your child. Did you know that their new teeth are helping them learn speech patterns? Our teeth actually play an integral role in helping us talk and communicate with others, and your little one is well on their way after their first teeth arrive.

#3: Baby Teeth Hold Space for Adult Teeth

Last but not least, your son or daughter's baby teeth are actually preserving space for when their adult teeth arrive. Baby teeth even act as guides that help adult teeth come into their proper position. If your child loses their baby teeth too soon due to trauma or tooth decay, it could impact the way that their adult teeth arrive in the future.

As a parent, you need guidance through all the important stages of your little one's dental health. Dr. Trung Pham and his team are here to help! We'll answer your questions, provide helpful tips for home care, and give you conservative recommendations about what is needed to protect your son or daughter's precious smile. Contact our San Jose dental office today to schedule an appointment.

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