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What to Expect from Your Dental Crown in San Jose, CA

February 7, 2020
Posted By: Dr. Trung Pham Staff

If you've ever had a broken tooth, you know it can be not only uncomfortable when you're trying to chew but also unsightly and embarrassing. The good news is that a dental crown in San Jose, CA offers an excellent solution for restoring a broken tooth that closely imitates your natural tooth.

What Is a Dental Crown Made Of?

In the past, dentists made crowns out of ceramic fused to metal to ensure the strength and durability of the restoration. The problem with that was that over time, the ceramic would wear, and the metal would become visible, causing a grey appearance in your smile.

Today's dental crowns are made of durable ceramic porcelain that is not only shaped to match your tooth but also custom shaded to blend with your smile seamlessly. This is the material used for crowns that you can see when you smile.

Because of its excellent durability, your San Jose dentist may also recommend gold crowns for molars in the back of your mouth that you can't see. This is because these tooth crowns can take the brunt of your chewing force and still stand the test of time.

The Process When Completing a Tooth Crown

Getting a tooth crown in San Jose requires two visits with your dentist. At the first visit, your dentist prepares your tooth for your new crown, takes impressions for your new tooth, and creates a temporary crown for you to wear. Your impressions are sent to a trusted dental laboratory that will handcraft your crown. The process takes one to three weeks to complete.

When your crown is ready, you will return to your dentist to have it placed permanently. At this time, your dentist will make any adjustments that are necessary to ensure that your bite functions correctly.

Now you're ready to enjoy your healthy and beautiful smile!

If you have questions about dental crowns, Dr. Trung Pham and his team are happy to answer them. Give us a call at (408) 287-8880 for more information about dental crowns in San Jose, CA.

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